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"If the arrival of the V8's singing voice at about 4000rpm doesn't get you, the sustained shove will.  A likeable motor this, - oodles of torque everywhere, despite the high peak.  That 320lbft never seems to fade.  The car rockets out of tight bends on a  breath of throttle; the fusion of big-lunged potency and that responsive auto make driving quickly seem ridiculously easy at times. 

And if you think a live-axled chassis might spoil the fun, up to a point it doesn't - Ford has performed something of a minor miracle here.  The new mustang has loads of grip and progressive, transient manners and damping control.  Pushing the tail wide with the throttle if you switch the traction control off doesn't reveal any nasty surprises.  The steering is direct and deftly weighted, too, if not exactly bubbling with feedback.  As a result, the Stang feels sharp and agile. 

But, ultimately the live axle does draw attention to itself, making the ride chronically fidgety and sapping confidence when you really start to push on.  The softening of the brake pedal after hard use chimes another alarm. 

Are we worried?  Are we hell.  The Stang is back.  Rejoyce!"  - David Vivian

Price 25,000 approx
On Sale Now (importers)
Top Speed 143mph
0-62mph 5.2 secs
MPG 21
CO2 Emissions n/a
Engine V8 4,600cc
Power 300bhp at 6,000rpm
Torque 320lb.ft at 4,500rpm
Power to Weight 189bhp per tonne
Compression Ratio 9.8:1
Installation Front, longitudinal, rear-wheel drive

Styling ****

The best bits of Mustangs past distilled for 2005.  A real head turner.

Engine ****

Classic Small block V8 punch and engine note.  Huge spread of torque, and very enjoyable.

Handling/Ride ***

Fast and wieldy on good smooth roads, good grip and balance.  Restless ride.

Brakes ***

Effective, and deliver powerful retardation.  Pedal softens with repeated hard use.

Cabin Quality ***

Retro feel very appealing, especially wheel, instruments and gear lever.

Practicailty ***

Rear seats cramped for 6-footers but there's good space up-front, and the boot is large.

Value for Money *****

Hard to think where else you could get this much grunt, style and envy for 25k.

Verdict:  bringing back the Mustang people love is a masterstroke.  Both much better than the car it replaces and a throwback to the muscle car's glory days.