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Finance Options

Thought you couldn't afford your dream 'stang?  There are a few options available to you:

  1. Bank / Building Society Loan
  2. Specialist car finance firm
  3. Re-mortgage (equity release)

We at Stangs like to take the "hassle" out of any transaction, and will supply all the necessary paperwork for you to work with any of these finance options.  The rules of the FSA (Financial Services Auhority) prevent us from giving advice on these matters, but we can make you aware of some of the options:


Bank / Building Society Loan

A bank or building society will loan you money if they can see that you will pay them back.  There are two ways to assure them of this, either give them a "guarantee of security" (e.g. your house or the car itself), and show them that you are making a sizeable deposit (investment in the car directly) and that you want them to loan you the rest of the cash.

In this case, you will need details of the car - which we are happy to provide.  Note that some Building Societies will give preferential rates to customers who also have their mortgage with them.

Specialist car finance firm

Stangs have found a specialist finance firm that work by using the car as security.  Once again, they need to feel secure that you will repay the loan amount.  This is done with a minimum deposit figure (usually 20% or more), which shows them that you are willing to put your own money into the car.

There are many payment options available, from 36 months to 48 months, with or without a "balloon payment" at the end of the term.  With many schemes there is the opportunity to terminate the finance agreement early, with settlement of outstanding finance.

Re-mortgage (equity release)

Another popular scheme is to use the ever-increasing property value of your home to release cash - this is often the most cost-effective way of borrowing cash, although the overall payback is compounded over many years, so may not suit everyone.

Note that all finance is subject to status and underwriter approval, and that all finance models will place the vehicle on the UK HPI database.