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I doubt if anything I'm going to say about insuring a muscle car will surprise you, but here are a few tips to keeping your premium down - and your 'stang safe!

  • Keep the car off the street overnight - preferably in a locked, secure garage
  • Tell the insurer about every modification from standard - including the light conversions that are done for the SVA - if you don't tell them, the insurance can be voided.
  • Use the immobiliser
  • Get a Thatcham Cat1 alarm fitted - almost essential to keep your premium sensible
  • Agree a limited mileage if possible - although sometimes premiums come down when no restriction is on the mileage - it is worth checking both prices when calling an agent.
  • Supply pictures of the car to the broker if they need them
  • Use a recognised specialist broker:

More than anything else, be prepared to pay the going rate.  There are cheaper places to get car insurance, however in our experience you get what you pay for. 

Read all of the fine print before you pay for anything!