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2008 Mustang Convertible

Ford unveiled the new 2005 Mustang convertible at the 2005 North American International Auto Show in Detroit from January 15-23, 2005, and production began in February 2005.  Stangs worked with our US Dealers to make sure that we get some of the first convertibles. We always have some stock, please register your interest early to avoid disappointment!

Availability & Pricing: V6 Convertibles are easily available, but V8s are in very short supply - we have been quoted $5,000 premium OVER LIST for us to purchase these (April 2005).  A quick look around the Ford Direct web site shows only a few of the V8s available across the USA (August 8, 2005). We looked in May, June and July and we got the same, sad story.  But a few friendly dealers are offering us their 'Verts at a small premium over list price - which has to be an improvement.

Seats Four: The new 2006 Mustang convertible stays with Mustang tradition, seating four passengers in comfort. The convertible top design has been much improved over earlier years. With a "cut-and-shut" style, the Convertible looks meaner than the coupe.  The fully double-skinned hood brings insulation for both heat and sound.  The resulting cabin is snug as well as spacious.

In Profile: The new 2005 open 'stang roof folds electrically in a "Z" pattern which gives a much cleaner and more striking appearance when lowered.  The leading edge of the soft-top is actually hard, which means that the open 'stang avoids the "bulge" commonly seen on convertibles at speed.

What the Papers SaySports Car International raved about the 'vert, saying that "Cowl shake, long the bugaboo of the topless set, is noticeably absent. "

The convertible's rear window is glass with a defroster built-in.  Flicking two latches (both easily reached from the Driver's seat), and pressing a single button above the rear-view mirror flips the rear screen inwards, then folds the top back behind the rear seats.  The resulting line is clean and smooth, and an optional "soft-top boot" (pictured right on the red car) is available to cover this.

The convertible does have a smaller boot, which can still hold a set of golf clubs, but doesn't have the space of the coupe.  Sound fans will be pleased to hear that the optional Shaker 1000 subwoofer will still fit in the boot.

It's a real all-weather car: The glass rear window has heater elements that can keep the worst of the British winter at bay - see pictures below of the before and after the HRW button was pushed, taken during a frosty morning in the UK.  You can see the frost on the roof of the car and the bootlid hasn't melted one bit, but the rear window is clear.

Before After

Getting the top down.

The soft-top folds at the touch of a button, folding neatly into the bodywork behind the rear seats.  See picture below right of the hood stowed in place (black car, without the soft boot).

We also have some great new pics to show you of the car in our Gallery.

Thanks to All Ford Mustangs LLC, FordDesktops.com and Brad Barnett's site for the photos.