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Interior Details

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Trim Levels - 

There are now three trim levels, Standard (V6 only), Deluxe and Premium. Standard is the very basic car, intended for those who will be using the car for serious upgrades, i.e. Drag racing.  Deluxe includes many items as standard, and premium enhances this with the Shaker 500 audio system, and power front seat adjustment.

Interior Sport Appearance Package

For those who want a subtle lifting of the cabin ambience, the Sport Appearance Package is the one to go for.  With aluminium details on the gearshift (manual or auto), and steering wheel the overall effect is very pleasing, particularly with the light graphite interior (shown, middle picture).

This Sport Appearance option has no delays associated with it.

Interior Upgrade Package

The Interior Upgrade Package includes the "MyColour" feature on the 6-dial cluster (adding battery charge and oil level), allowing the driver to select whichever colour backlight for the instrumentation from a pallette of over 120 colours.  

The initial estimated uptake on the Interior Upgrade Package by Ford's internal marketing was less than 20%. The actual uptake is over 70% and Ford were somewhat surprised by this, which has resulted in an initial shortage of cars.   Happily this is now resolved and most of our cars feature the IUP.

Door handles, gearshift and steering wheel gain aluminium details, whilst the dash facing is finished in an "satin aluminium" finish.  The door shuts get aluminium kickplates as well.  The picture opposite shows this package with the Dark Charcoal & "Colour Accent" package giving red leather facings & red details. 

Please note that the aluminium billet manual gearshift knob shown here is not standard and is in fact an aftermarket that Stangs can provide for you.

Shaker 500 & Shaker 1000 ICE Package

A 2005 Mustang V6 Deluxe comes standard with a single-CD player with four speakers. The amplifier has 160 watts of power.  For those who want a little more from their car stereo, there are two upgrades available: Shaker 500 and Shaker 1000.  Shaker 500 is standard on the Premium version of both V6 and V8 cars.  The MP3 capability means that a Stang can have over 1,200 songs inside the dash - that's around 60 hours of music!

Shaker used to be a term to describe the chromed superchargers' intakes that stuck out of the bonnets of the "Boss" and "Mach 1" mustangs in the 1970s.  Instead of using raw torque to move this around, in 2005 the Mustang uses music power to deliver a different kind of shake. 

The "Shaker 500" gives a 6-disc CD/MP3 changer, bigger 500W amplifier and also adds additional ported subwoofer speakers (with black grilles) at the base of the door.  Having ported speakers creates greater "oomph" inside the cabin and less outside, for a clearer sound.

The "Shaker 1000" does more than provide a simple head-unit upgrade.  Adding a significant boost to the sound experience is the uprated amplifier, as well as the custom-made dual subwoofer located in the boot.  The audio mechanism may be the same as the Shaker 500 system (standard on the GT Premium), but this ends at the pre-amp.  The amplifiers for this setup create an enormous 1000 watts of peak music power (hence the name).

Whilst this does take up boot space (see pic above), the additional sound generated means that the occupants get a clearer, more realistic sound from the bassline of their chosen music.







There are only two wheel options for each model, the V6 gets 16" wheels and the GT gets 17".  The 18" wheels shown on the launch cars from mid-2004 onwards are not due to be available until 2006, according to our sources.

Wheels for the V6 Wheels for the V8 GT
16" Painted Alloy
(Standard on V6 Deluxe)
16" Machined Alloy with chrome spinners
(Standard on V6 Premium,
optional on V6 Deluxe)
17" painted alloy
(Standard on V8 GT,
V6 "Pony Package")
17" machined Alloy
(Optional on V8 GT)
    18" "fanblade" (optional) 18" Polished "bullitt" (optional)


Centre Stripes are available in three colours, black, silver and gold, and in three styles:  broad, narrow or cobra-style.  These are applied by the dealer in the U.S.