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Buying a 2006 Mustang

There's good news and bad news. The good news is we can get you into a Mustang. The bad news is, unless you're one of our lucky folks who have pre-ordered their '05 'stang from stangs.co.uk, you'll have to wait, but we do have some on order for sale to the more impatient amongst us (see our Stock List - or pick your own options).

Never beaten on price!  We aim to be competitive, that's why we are your no.1 choice for the import of a new Mustang.

Concerned about Left Hand Drive?  Don't be.  There are two main mis-conceptions about LHD cars:

"They are more difficult to drive" - in the main, overtaking on A roads requires better vision ahead in a LHD car.  Arriving at RHD toll-booths can be a challenge, but one made easier with the '06 'stang's standard fitment of electric front windows.  Carrying a "remote hand" make toll booths and car park barriers no more of an obstacle than for RHD-drivers.

"They cost more to insure".  In fact, because cars like the 2008 Mustang will be only available in low numbers in the UK, they will be much cheaper than a comparably powerful Audi, BMW or Mercedes to insure.  Once again there are plenty of specialist insurers out there who will happily quote for rare, interesting LHD cars like our 2006 Mustangs.

American cars like the Mustang are typically only produced for LHD markets (their own), and very few are converted to RHD, typical designs don't allow easy swap of steering wheel, and require a redesigned Dashboard - which for one-offs is a prohibitive cost (estimated at £5,000+VAT).  There is a thriving community of LHD owners in the UK and plenty of clubs you can join.

Stangs.co.uk buying process

1. Specify and Price

The process is pretty painless, and very similar to buying a new car direct from a dealer in the UK.  We provide you with the information on the car, helping out with specifications and advice on other aspects of the purchase.  You decide on your specification, colours and options, then we take your order, check that the specification you would like is available, give you an exact cost there and then, telling you which exchange rate we've used, and ask you to place your deposit directly with the dealer in the U.S. and sign our terms and conditions.   We will then arrange the delivery, shipping, and import to the U.K. and provide you with the VIN (vehicle indentification number).  You should then start to organise your insurance using that VIN, as we will need this to be in place when the vehicle is to be registered in the UK.  When the vehicle arrives in the UK we will contact you to ask for a further deposit to cover import taxes (Duty and VAT).

2. Exchange Rate

Since we pay for the car in the U.S. when it leaves the dealer, the exchange rate for our transaction is fixed at that date.  This takes out any fluctuations in rate so you know exactly what you will be paying.  Bear in mind that the exchange rate will change by a few cents a day, so we advise you on the order date of the exact price you will pay.  It's a good idea to have these funds ready to wire across to the U.S. on that day.  Stangs cannot hold cars whilst "waiting for a better exchange rate" and will not expect customers to pay more or less than the price on the day of U.S. delivery.  Visit http://www.oanda.com for an up to date exchange rate.

3. Customs and Import Duty

Stangs need to have cleared funds from you to pay the customs (10% import duty and then 17.5% VAT), customs will then release the vehicle to us.  We trailer the car to have the SVA conversion carried out to our own exacting specifications, ensuing minimal "delivery mileage".

4. SVA Test

Once the vehicle has cleared customs, we will perform the various modifications to the car to make it "road legal" for the UK using our specialist knowledge of the 2005 Mustang, using tried and trusted electrical engineers.  You may come and view the car during this process, and we ask for the final payment to be made to us before the car can be registered in your name.

The increasing use of computer technology in car manufacture is well deployed in the 2005 Mustang.  It is essential to engineer a safe, watertight and technically sound conversion to UK specification not only to pass this test but to maintain a safe and secure vehicle.  The new 2005 Ford Mustang is an example of the massive leap forward in the use of computer micro-systems.  These systems control many of electrical functions, including the lights - which have to be modified.

Stangs design the necessary modifications to each vehicle in a safe and aesthetically pleasing way using low-power components.  With our engineering solutions, you will not be risking safety or expensive damage.  Neither will you have the appearance of your vehicle ruined by unsightly and careless modifications.   Stangs aim to maintain the original “American” appearance of your vehicle as much as possible.

5. Delivery or Collection

When our bank confirms that your final payment has cleared, you can then pick up the car from us in Winchester, or we can deliver it to you (by trailer) for a small charge.  Delivery charges will vary by distance, we will quote this on an individual basis.


Service Charge

Our charges are a flat rate of the value of the car - we operate an "open book" policy and will pass all invoices over to you when you take delivery of the car.  This means that if we can get a better deal on the purchase of any aspect of your car - dealer purchase, shipping, SVA preparation, delivery - we will pass this saving on to you.

The whole process takes a minimum of 5 weeks, so you'll have to be a little patient.

Why Trust us?

Your brand new car is registered  with DVLA as a new, first-registered UK vehicle - NOT as a vehicle that has been "previously registered and used overseas".  This gives you a greater resale value as there are no previous owners other than you.

You have my personal guarantee that this car is worth waiting for!

Paul Hine
Managing Director, Hinx.com (trading as stangs.co.uk)