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Driving the 2005 Mustang

Driving an imported Mustang; what's it like?  Autocar magazine have now driven a GT V8 Coupe on UK roads and had this to say: (4 January 2005).

The Mustang is extremely popular in the US.  "Sports Car International" reviewed the 2005 Mustang GT alongside 3 Japanese cars. (May 2005).

The 2005 Mustang convertible also came in for a rave review from Sports Car International (May 2005).

The 2006 Mustang Cobra has been reviewed by Autocar UK (29 March 2005).

Richard Hammon drove a 2005 GT in Top Gear.  And he wrote this article in December 2004.

Size Matters!  How does the '05 'Stang stack up on your drive?  Actually, you'd be surprised...

Left Hand Drive concerns:  Right Hand Drive a possibility?

There has been much speculation in the press on whether or not a right hand drive Mustang will be available in the future.

A recent article in the Daily Mirror has increased confusion over this matter, in their journalistic fervour to try and convince Ford to make a RHD version. Stangs is able to provide the following independent information regarding this:

Channel 4 4Car: "There are no plans to introduce a right-hand drive version of the Mustang, nor does Ford plan to officially import left-hand drive versions, as Vauxhall has done in the past with GM models such as the Corvette."

BBC1 Top Gear : "Neither the V8 or V6 models will be made in right-hand drive or officially exported to the UK, sadly. But specialist importers will bring them in."

Autocar Magazine, 7 Dec 2004: "'We have no plans at the moment, but we are constantly assessing the situation', said a spokesman for Ford Britain.  'If it did come to Britain, it woul dbe left-hand drive only.'"

Metro Ford, Miami: "I can't see Ford making the tooling for a RHD version right now.  They have enough demand in their [LHD] U.S. market right now and can't keep supply going fast enough."


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