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Stangs Import 2005 Ford Mustang Mustangs V6 V8 GT Deluxe Premium Upgrade Import UK

We import 2005-2008 Mustangs into the UK for you.  We take care of all the paperwork, the phone calls, and will even deliver the car to your door!*  There's no hassle, and our agreed exchange rate takes the worry out of your purchase.

Check out the model lineup for the most successful car that Ford have produced - there's something for everyone!GT California Special

Prices vary depending on specification, and on the current U.S. Dollar exchange rate (which gives great value right now), but if you budget between 17.5k for a V6 Coupe and 28k for a V8 Convertible you won't be far out.  You could be in a Leather-trimmed V8 GT for as little as 21.5k! Have a look at the options available this year.

With stangs you're not a "punter", but a genuine enthusiast like we are.  We treat all of our customers as enthusiasts, and you can relax and know that we take as much care of your new 'stang as you would yourself. will fill all of your 2007/2008 Ford Mustang needs in the United Kingdom. We've got the Mustang 2005 V8 GT Mustangs Shelby Cobra Stang Stangs 4.6 V8 V6 4.0latest news on the 2008 Mustang, on buying and maintaining your Mustang, a full suite of pictures and specifications and colours. Use the navigation buttons on the left for the full low-down on how can help you, or for more information, news on the convertible or pictures.  We keep tabs on any developments on the 2005 Mustang, such as the 500bhp Shelby GT-500; and we're working on our own 500 bhp GT.

Isn't it another American Barge?  No.  In fact it's smaller than a BMW 5-series saloon - and considerably more handsome!

Don't just believe us.  See what the Magazines have said:

"Best band for your buck", Richard Bremner, Autocar Magazine, April 2008

"it doesn't just accelerate - it rears and snorts" Top Gear TV show [Richard Hammond]

"The Ford [Mustang] really looks the part" Motor Trend Magazine, August 2005

"Sitting at a red light? Rev the engine. Ambling down a crowded high street? Lets hear the engine. Driving by a classroom of students sitting GCSEs? Give it the full can."  Autocar UK, June 2005

"If the arrival of the V8's singing voice at about 4000rpm doesn't get you, the sustained shove will." - Autocar UK, January 2005

"Some complained that the next-generation Mustang should have had independent rear suspension, but the three-link live axle will make converts of many nay-sayers." Sports Car International, May 2005

Ford Mustang GT V6 V8 Suspension Rear Mustangs 2005 Shelby Cobra Stang UKThe Mustang boasts an overall ride sophistication unmatched by any of its ancestors. The coil-over MacPherson strut front suspension with reverse L lower control arms redefines precision handling and responsiveness without sacrificing ride quality, smoothness or comfort. What you get: great driving dynamics for more corner-carving, joy-filled driving."  Ford Brochure, November 2004

For those who like a little comfort, the interior of the new Mustang is also a very pleasing place to be, with a straight-cut dash with optional Aluminium facing (part of the Interior Upgrade Package).

Leather seat facings are part of the option packs (Deluxe and Premium), and a sporty red leather is available. Check out the new 2007 colours.

Shelby 2005 Mustang Cobra Shaker 1000 MP3 Mustang Mustangs V8 V6 GT 4.6 4.0

Audio is also available in three packs:  standard (single-disc CD on V6, 6-disc on V8) with 6 speakers, or a pumping 10-speaker "audiophile" package (shaker 1000) with over 1000W of music power and a wicked sub-woofer in the boot!  The 6-disc in-dash changers also support MP3 discs, so you could store your entire music collection in this dash!

Contact us:

email :; (we prefer email as our telephone answer machine is on the blink!)

telephone: 01962 886 165 (24 hour answering service).  Please leave your name and number and we will call at a time to suit you. 

Privacy policy: We DO NOT pass on your details to any other organisation.

* for delivery prices please call us as this is mileage-based.

fax: 01962 885 705

Whoa!  Who are this rockin' new band

12 Apr 2008: Dollar still weak $1.98:1, get a new V8 for under 21k!

8 Nov 2007: Dollar reaches a low of $2.10:1...

22 July 2007: new Colours announced for 2008.

18 May 2007: Exchange rate hits the magic $2:1

8 Feb 2007: Lower prices for used cars

23 Oct 2006: Review of the GT500.

13 Aug 2006: Ford announce the Shelby GT - a GT-H you can buy!

11 Aug 2006:  We picture the the GT-H

9 Jun 2006: We can reserve a Shelby GT-500 for you, your 10k deposit secures a car for 2007 delivery!

5 Jun 2006: Bumper-to-bumper warranty now available from Stangs

31 May 2006: Shelby GT-H to rent in the U.S.

8 Apr 2006: Convertibles raise the roof - to the sky!

21 Feb 2006: Insurance can be difficult for exotic cars like a 'stang.  See our Guide here.


1 Feb 2006: It's that time of year when we need to treat ourselves.  Why not get into a new 'stang in 2006?

30 Jan 2006: Finance now available!

1 Jan 2006: Now is the best time to order your Convertible for Summer 2006!

3 Dec 2005: Another Convertible in stock

31 Oct 2005: More in the Used Cars section


21 Sep 2005: 1 per litre worry you? Don't! check out the economy of the 4.0 V6 and the 4.6 V8

7 Aug 2005: 2007 Specifications explained and new colours

18 Jul 2005: Size matters!  Compare the 2005 Mustang with other common UK cars and be surprised at how lithe it is.

11 Jul 2005: Summer's here - get into a 'vert. More stock coming in soon.

18 Jun 2005: More V8 Premium Coupes in stock

29 Mar 2005:
Autocar review the '05 Mustang Cobra

23 Mar 2005:
Shelby Cobra formally announced


Stangs import the original Pony Car to the UK, the 2005 Ford Mustang GT V8 is most popular, giving people the chance to re-live Bullitt every day.  Email our webmaster A subsidiary of Hinx Limited